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Seta Import, Trade & Marketing Ltd. Team

Our company specializes in selling, installing and maintaining football Soccer goal and aluminum sports products. We offer Soccer goal of all sizes and types, as well as aluminum handball goal ,apparatus for volleyball, tennis, water polo goals and more. 

We offer a unique mobile repair service for by matching all parts for soccer goals and performing on site aluminum welding (argon) –and by doing so allowing a significant saving opportunity.

We also offer the following product: 
Football goal nets, tennis nets, volleyball nets, basketball boards, lawn markers for courts, trolleys for demarcating courts, first aid kits, corner flags, all types of assistive accessories for trainers (hurdles, cones, marker domes players, and more), and other sports products. 

We are known among our clientele for providing professional, courteous service and providing top quality long-lasting products. 

We invite you to make your own impressions of our range of goods and services, presented in our website’s various categories. 

We will be pleased to arrange a meeting for you with one of our marketing and technical consultants, evaluate your installations, demonstrate products, and provide a pricing quote for required services. 

Looking forward to assisting you, 

Seta Import, Trade & Marketing Ltd. Team

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